Kiln Dried White Oak Turning Blanks

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This listing is for turning blanks of kiln dried white oak at various figuring levels (due to sawing method), stock thicknesses, and stock dimensions overall. Turning blank photos in this listing are actual products kiln dried and surfaced two sides on helical head planer and same stock photos with light coat of olive oil to enhance/show final expected texture, color and figuring. All turning blank items in this listing are rough sized.  All fulfilled orders shall meet the following guidelines.  
  • Stock size will be +/- 1/4" overall per blank. (i.e. width and length)
  • Stock thickness size will be +/- 1/8" overall per blank (6/4 and 8/4 stock) and +/- 1/4" (12/4 stock) and will be surfaced two sides on helical head jointer/planer combo.  
  • No stock will be sanded or finished
  • White oak blanks will have minimal to moderate checking. However, checking will be guaranteed not exceed entire board thickness nor compromise structural integrity of the blank.  If checking from drying process is not acceptable please choose another species offered (black walnut, pecan, etc.)
  • Edges are rough cut save one edge (not end grain) jointed on helical head jointer for stock re-ripping, etc. 
  • Stock will meet below moisture contents.  (12/4 stock S-Dry only to mitigate cracking and checking)