5/4 KD SYP Tongue and Groove Single V Bevel Profile

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Kiln dried Southern Yellow Pine 5/4 Stock (1.25" Rough Sawn Thickness) Tongue and Groove


This Material is moulded with a Single "V" Bevel profile on helical head face knives and is sanded post moulder to 80 grit or finer finish on wide belt.  Please note that only the "V" Bevel Appearance face is sanded.   


Product Dimensions are As Follows:

~15/16" final thickness and ~7.0" abutted running width (~7.375" to tongue)

Product is sold in 8' / 10' or 12' stick lengths plus trim.  

Product is sold in Non-Spalted and Summer Spalt Varients (See Photos)

Price quoted is by the Square Footage of coverage (actual running width less tongue.)  Packs are 224 sq ft per pack on 8' sticks, 280 sq ft on 10' and 336 sq ft on 12' sticks.


As with anything in nature each tree has its own variations of color, tone, sapwood versus heartwood, knotting, etc.  You can expect similar color and tone as the photos above as our SYP are all regionally harvested from the Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas four state area.   We cannot guarantee the color or grain figuring of each order due to the natural variations but we are confident that you will find our material to exceed your expectations.