10 bd ft of KD 5/4 Black Walnut Select and Better Grade Dimensional S3S

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10 board feet of 5/4 (1.25" thick before SS3S processing) unstamped but comforming to Select and Better grade kiln dried black walnut at random width and lengths.   10 board feet is 8 square feet of material at 1.25" thickness prior to planing or surfacing three sides (S3S.)   This listing is for Surfaced three sides and jointed material.  Finished thickness will meet or exceed 1.00" on 5/4 material.  It is also minimally 4" wide and 6' long per Select grade guidelines.  While we cannot guarantee it, if you request a working width we will try to accomodate and process edging accordingly for your order down to the 4" guidelines.  Please message or fill out the contact us form for details and/or special requests.

As with anything in nature each tree has its own variations of color, tone, sapwood versus heartwood, knotting, etc.  You can expect similar color and tone as the photos above as our black walnuts are all regionally harvested from the Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas four state area.   We cannot guarantee the color or grain figuring of each order due to the natural variations but we are confident that you will find our material to exceed your expectations.