Red Oak Slabs

Berg Reinvigorations LLC sells responsibly harvested and locally grown domestic hardwoods.   We harvest the material, mill it in house, kiln dry it in house with computer aided and natural gas fired dehumidification kiln that minimizes warping, cracking, checking of the wood and also kills any biological matter living within the wood itself.  We believe in fair pricing and customer satisfaction.  As fellow woodworkers we understand the frustration of purchasing material that is overpriced or out of grade specified.  All of our dimensional material is guaranteed at 12% or less average moisture content (by average surface readings or overall board density/weight reading.)  Most of our material averages 6-9% moisture content upon leaving the kiln.  All of our slab material is guaranteed below 15% average moisture content.  Our slabs and dimensional materials are stored in a 10,000 sq ft climate-controlled warehouse to ensure acceptable wood storage conditions throughout the year.  We fairly and responsibly acquire our material with handshake deals and fair royalty payments to landowners, farmers, and local residents where material is harvested or purchased.   

As with anything in nature each tree has its own variations of color, tone, sapwood versus heartwood, knotting, etc. Please review photos carefully before purchasing.

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